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Hi there! I'm Audrey Ann.

I'm going to help you improve your photography skills and beautifully capture your everyday family life. 


Welcome to Live Snap Love!

No matter whether you are just starting out on your photography journey, or are a little farther along the road, there's something here for you. 

If you are here because....

+ You have no clue about what steps you need to take next, or how to go about getting the images you dream of.

+ You need help improving your photography skills, but are not sure how everything fits together.

+ You've been trawling the internet for tips, but so many photography tutorials just leave you scratching your head and thinking "WTF?!"

+ You are feeling your confidence and enthusiasm dwindle whilst you try to figure everything out.

+ You just feel stuck, and feel like you need a little push to get you going again!

Then I can help you take the next steps!

Learning photography doesn't need to be all dry and boring, trust me.

In this site, there's no heavy technical jargon, or sleep inducing tutorials, just step by step guides that teach you what you need to know in the simplest way possible.  

I also get that many people who come to this site don't have hours to sit and learn photography (neither do i!) so it's all broken down in to bite sized manageable chunks.


If you are ready to improve your photography skills and start getting the images you dream of, then sign up for my free Beginners Bootcamp! It's full of actionable steps, tips and tricks that will help move you forward, whether you are a true beginner, or been shooting a while but would like some tips on how to take your images to the next level. 

A little bit about me...


I'm Audrey Ann, and I am obsessed with teaching "mom" photographers how to beautifully capture their family and day to day lives. 

So, how did I get started with photography?

Waaaaay back in 2007, I thought photography would be a pretty cool hobby to learn, so I got my first camera and enrolled in an open university course. 

And HATED it. 

The course was full of complicated jargon and theory (circle of confusion and refraction anyone?!) and I left it with a lot of knowledge about photography, but no real clue how to take good photographs.   Not exactly what I had in mind! 

The camera sat gathering dust until my son was born. 

I became obsessed with capturing our days together so read everything I could on the internet, before enrolling in a couple of courses, which helped tie all the strands together and helped it all make sense. 

It was a long road, but so worth it! It's an amazing feeling when it all clicks and you can start to make the images you see in your head. 

And now I want to help you take the images you dream of too!  

Here at Live Snap Love you will find online courses, loads of free resources such as a free beginners course, a free Lightroom Starter Kit, and much, much more - all designed to help you improve your photographs.

Thanks so much for being here! I hope you love it 😍

Audrey Ann x

P.S If you want to see some of my favourite tools and resources that I personally use and love, click here!

Got a question? 

Then get in touch and either myself or one of my team will get back to you.  Please note that due to the number of questions I receive I am unable to answer individual requests for advice (for example questions on what camera gear you should buy,  or advice on settings, or give any feedback on your photos) but if you have a question you'd like an answer to, leave it below and I can either answer it in a blog post or Live Stream.  Thank you! 

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