Photography Case Study - Menucha Korik

There has been so many positive comments and responses to the last two photography journeys I shared (from Briana from Northern Way of Life and Jan Johnstone if you missed them) that I am back with another one! Menucha Korik was a reader of Live Snap Love way back when it was first created, and I was so excited to find her again recently, and discover that she has gone on to set up her own thriving photography business, specialising in newborn and child photography. Talk about a success story! I'm truly delighted to welcome her to the blog and to share her story with you. Over to Menucha....

A 10 Minute Aperture Exercise

It can be hard sometimes to make enough time for ourselves in our daily life to improve our photography skills, but one of THE best things you can do is simply practice - getting into the habit of picking up your camera every day for even just ten minutes can have an big affect on how well you understand a particular concept, or just building in some muscle memory so you start to instinctively know where all your buttons and dials are on your camera. No more fumbling around for you! 

With this in mind, I'm sharing an exercise today for beginners that will help you understand the affect aperture and depth of field has on your images, but one that will take you just ten minutes to complete. Short, sweet and straight to the point :) 

8 Reasons Why the 85mm is My Favourite Lens for Child Photography

One of my absolute favourite lenses for child photography is the Canon 85mm F1.8 Lens.  It's definitely my go-to lens for portraits, but what many people don't realise is that the 85mm is useful for so much more than portrait photography!  I love to use this lens for capturing candid shots outdoors with my child at the park or garden, for taking detail shots, and even for indoor documentary photographs.  In short, this lens can be a great all-rounder. 

There are several other reasons why I love this lens, so today I want to go over WHY this lens is so freakin' awesome, and why you might want to consider it for your own camera bag!  

8 "Micro" Investments you can make for growing your photography skills (From $0 - $100)

Making an investment in yourself and your photography skills can be a key element in how successful you will be in reaching your goal of becoming a photographer.  You don't even have to spend a fortune: even tiny little baby micro-investments can give you a big return, either on helping you progress your skills, or just by saving you time and headaches whilst you are learning - and beyond! 

Investments in learning can be anything from a small piece of photography equipment, to getting paid software instead of relying on the free stuff, or even taking a course to improve your skills.  I do appreciate that for many of us, photography is a hobby so there is not a lot of extra cash to throw down (nor can you write it off as expenses - boo!) but even if you only have a teeny tiny bit of cash to invest in yourself (or even not a bean) read on.....

5 Tips To Help You Capture Your Everyday Beautifully

5 Tips To Help You Capture Your Everyday Beautifully

As I've said before, one of the main reasons that I got started with photography was to capture my everyday - those small mundane moments that may seem boring to others, but that mean the world to me.   It's one of the main benefits of being your own family's photographer - you know exactly the moments you want to capture and why,  those moments that unique to you and no-one else. 

But just because you are capturing the everyday doesn't mean it has to be boring! There are loads of ways to shake it up a bit and capture your family's moments beautifully.  (And if you find yourself stuck with what to photograph, or just need a little creative push, then you can also grab a free ebook with a whopping 100 prompts to get you started!) 

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Newborn Photography Business

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Newborn Photography Business

Have you ever considered starting a newborn photography business, but just aren't sure how you would get enough clients? Or perhaps you already are in business but are finding it difficult to grow and get enough sales?  Then today is your lucky day!  I've asked Erin from the fabulous Sixth Bloom blog to give some tips on how to make your newborn photography business a successful one. Over to Erin! 

Which Lens Is Best for Lifestyle / Documentary Photography?

Which Lens Is Best for Lifestyle / Documentary Photography?

If you are shooting Lifestyle or Documentary images - in other words capturing your everyday life - which lens is the best for you to use? Well, that is a pretty big question as there a number of options available to you, and each have their own plus and minus points, or things they are best suited for.  This is one reason why many people will have two or three prime lenses, or a couple of zooms, so that they have a range of lenses that they can pull out to give a different look. That, or they have a small lens addiction 😉