Baby Keepsake Frame

It's important to me that the photographs I take don't just sit gathering dust on my hard-drive, but that they are also out on display for me and others to enjoy.  So, over the next few weeks I thought I'd share some of the ways I personally display my images -  I warn you I'm not terribly creative in how I display them, but my goal here is not so much to inspire you, but simply to perhaps motivate you into getting some of your pictures out of the computer and on display. 

A few years ago I created a keepsake frame with images of my son when he was a baby, along with some little "treasures" from that time, such as my scan image, and his wristband from the hospital.  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago when we were having some work done in the house, the frame fell off the wall and broke, so I've just redone it with a new frame, and a bit of a new look. 

I got this gorgeous Shadowbox Picture Frame from Amazon, which comes ready to use with the string and little mini clothes pegs, so all I had to do was find some images that I wanted to display, print them out with a white border, and then hang them up along with the keepsakes. It's so cute, and everyone who has seen it so far has been cooing over it!

You'll notice that the images I used for the display themselves aren't at all great - I'm pretty sure they are all iPhone shots so they are pretty grainy, but more that they weren't exactly taken with composition in mind!   If you were looking at the images from purely a technical standpoint they would fall flat, but they do each remind me of that particular moment in time, which is far more important to me.  Of course, it does help that they are in a cute frame, which I think is perfect for displaying images that are not perhaps decreed as wall worthy but you want on display anyway!