Snow Overlays

I was trying out something a little bit different with my editing, so for this image, I used an overlay to make it look as though it was snowing (although you probably can't tell since I have converted it to black and white, but that is indeed a "frozen" dress!)  It's not really my usual style to add textures or overlays, but it can be fun to have a play now and again, especially if you can get them for free to try out! 

I found some free snow overlays from Florabella Actions - just click on the link to take you to the site where you can download them. To use, in Photoshop just place your overlay into your image (it will create a new layer) then change to screen mode. If you want the affect to be more subtle then you can lower the opacity as I did, or create a layer mask to brush some off the overlay in just some areas of the image so it looks less dense, or if a snowflake lands on a part of your subject that you would rather remain clear.   

Anyway, just thought I would share where you could find some freebies overlays if you fancied trying out something similar. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!