SOOC and Edited...side by side

I had a request the other day to share some SOOC images. It's a great idea actually because in some cases, what you see posted on photographers blogs are a far cry from what was captured in camera.  However, I tend not to stray so far with my images that the edited version looks a million miles away from the original, so this might actually be a bit boring, but I still thought some of you might find it interesting to see the two side by side.  I've just randomly grabbed images I've shared over the last few weeks on the blog, no real rhyme or reason to them!

Here's one I shared a week or so ago. As you can see, the final image (top of post) is pretty much what you see in camera, except I've converted to black and white and boosted the contrast.  I like black and white conversions for lifestyle because I find it helps reduce the "clutter" of general household stuff

I've done a little bit more to this image, but not too much.  Again, it's really an overall boost to the image using saturation, clarity and contrast to give the image a lot more pop. I also warmed up the image as it was a little cool SOOC and cloned out some elements that I couldn't physically move out of the way.  Apart from a little crop, I think that's it! 

Again, this is very similar to the shot I got in camera, except I always had this in mind as a black and white image to give it more of a timeless feel. I've done very little else except a crop, and some work with the patch tool to hide any imperfections.  

This one was taken whilst we were over at a friends house for a playdate, so all around us is chaos and general mayhem but you just can't see it! (She looks so serene!) I cropped in a bit and cloned out the areas that were distracting like the edge of the TV on the wall. I did want this to have a more quiet feel to it since that is what her pose and expression says to me, so I did add a very light pink matte affect over the top. 

As I say, generally my SOOC are very close to my edited versions.  I try very hard to get my exposure, white balance and composition correct in camera, so that I have very little to do in editing - my hope for many of my day to day ones is that I can almost put them straight into a book with only a very little action applied to boost them. (Remember that all RAW images need a bit of saturation, contrast, clarity etc added, as if you shoot JPEG, the camera does all that for you - with RAW you need to do it yourself) That said, occasionally I do like a little play, so here is one where I have changed the SOOC quite considerably before it reached the final edited version. I could have gone a lot farther with this image, perhaps using a sky overlay. It's also an image where I had to plan in camera for processing - exposing neither for my subject or the sky, but for a middle ground, knowing that I would then be able to bring them both back in processing (I obviously didn't get my WB correct in camera here!) 

Although I tend not to change the image a great deal, I do appreciate being able to subtly enhance the image to give it a little polish, and bring out a certain mood or feeling - or more if the feeling takes me. Editing is simply another skill in your photography backpack, the same as learning to shoot in Manual or work with the light available.  If you do not yet own any software for editing, I would recommend that you maybe ask for some in your Christmas stocking this year! I'll be back later on this week to give my thoughts on some of the options available. 

I do hope that you enjoyed seeing both side by side!