Photographing Christmas - Some Useful Links

There are so many articles already written and available on the web about how to photograph christmas, that it seemed a bit pointless to write another one! Instead, I'm going to link you to some articles that I feel do a good job of both explaining how to do it and providing you with a little inspiration. 

Chubby Cheek Photography - The Tree and the Tutorial 

How to photograph your kids and your tree. Step by step instructions plus some seriously fantastic christmas images - use this for inspiration if nothing else. 

The Strobist - Photographing Christmas Lights

Great tutorial for photographing christmas light displays outside. 

DPS - How to take Beautiful Bokeh Christmas Images 

Some great examples and some tips for beginners about taking images with light bokeh (where the lights in your image are round - see my image of the tree above) 

Kevin and Amanda - Creating Shaped Bokeh 

If you like the idea of making your light bokeh into hearts or stars, there is a step by step tutorial on Kevin and Amanda's blog. 

And of course Click It Up A Notch has a huge library of posts on the subject, you can see them all here

Hope you like them!