Now on Instagram!

I've finally made it onto Instagram! Only a few years behind everyone else :-) 

It's a bit of a ghost town on there for me at the moment, but if you would like to follow me here's a link to my account - @audreyannphotography. There's not much on there just now as I'm still getting to grips with how it works, plus I tend to gravitate toward my DSLR rather than my iPhone.  However, I'd love to use the iPhone more to capture "snaps" of my day to day stuff that I wouldn't normally pick up my DSLR for, so this will be way of documenting the smaller things in life. (That's also my roundabout way of telling you not to expect works of art on there - think more snaps of baked goods!) 

However, I'm amazed at some of the images people get with an iPhone though - If you have a spare 5 minutes you could check out these iPhone photography award winners - amazing images, and all taken with an iPhone or iPad.  

Anyway, I hope to see some of you over there! 

p.s If anyone would like to take the time to explain hashtags to me as if I were a 5 year old, I'm all ears. Seriously, you can't make it too basic: it took me an hour just to upload a pic to Instagram. (Lesson learnt: you can't do it from your desktop!)