Getting In The Frame

I have been busy this last week trying to get my images edited, filed and backed up all neat and today, ready for me to make up my photo book  early next year  . As I was looking through the images taken all throughout the year, I realised that I only feature in around ten photos - and 8 of those were taken at the same time and in the same place! So, this morning I grabbed my tripod and my timer remote to get in a couple of images. 

I never have terribly high hopes for images taken this way - as long as I am in them and reasonably in focus (and my double chin isn't TOO noticeable in them) then I'm happy.  

Here's a pullback of my rather impromptu set up below (I decided there and then to take photos so there was absolutely no planning involved - excuse the mess! And the lack of images on the walls - not long since we painted!)

I first set my white balance and exposure - I do this by using my ExpoDisc but whichever way works for you! Then you need to pre-set your focus. Although I use a tripod you could quite easily just use a chair to set your camera on and keep it steady - just add books on the chair to get your camera to the right height. Focus on something where you plan to be - I used a photo frame that I placed on the chair (you can see it on the right side of the couch) then switch your lens from AF to MF to stop the lens from trying to refocus.

I strongly recommend a timer remote - you can see mine on the yellow footstool, attached to the camera.  it's just so much easier than using the self timer on your camera, or a remote shutter (which you press when you want to take your picture and have to try and hide it your hand so you don't see it in the images!) With a timer remote, you can set it to go off every few seconds for a set number of times - I set mine to take 50 photos at 5 second intervals.  Then just press START on your timer and get into the position where you pre-focused.  The timer will then fire the shutter every 5 seconds, so you are free to engage with your child instead of having to press the button yourself. 

This is the timer remote I use - the NEEWER Timer Remote . At just under $18 it's cheap and cheerful, but it does the job wonderfully. I've had it for two years now and have absolutely no complaints about it. Bearing in mind that the Canon version that does exactly the same costs $129, you can see how much of a bargain it is.

I have plans to do a more planned session (this was definitely impromptu!) but I think that will have to wait now until the new year - I've got to get back to sorting through a year's worth of photos…..and finding images for the walls in the living room!