Photography Goals

I do love a good "to-do" list - there's something about the act of writing things out that make them "stick" better - so it's no wonder that I think it's beneficial to set myself goals with my photography too. It's nice once a year to take stock about where you are now, how far you have come, and where you want to go.  

Today, I thought I'd share my goals for 2015, then tomorrow, give you some ideas and tips for setting goals for yourself.

Here's my list first…..

1) Get in the Frame once per month 

THis is a hard one for me because it takes more time and effort to set up (and I rarely like the way I look) therefore it tends to get relegated to the  back of the list.  Next year, once per month!! (I managed twice this year, pretty poor!) 

2) Complete a Project 365

A Project 52 didn't work for me, but after some consideration I don't think that it's t he act of taking a photo that's an issue, it's the act of taking a photo with a theme in mind that I found difficult. So, this year, I'm simply going to aim to take one photo a day - but no pressure on the final outcome, it could just as easily be a snap of my coffee with my iPhone. And that's probably what it will be. 

3) Keep on top of editing 

Each year, you will find my images in order, edited with JPEG's ready to upload to my photo books until about the end of March. After that it goes into steady decline until November / December when I try desperately to get caught up before the next year hits.  I vow that  2015 will be different, and that I will be up to date with editing by the end of each month. 

4)  Write my Second eBook 

I have a whole series planned, but getting the time to write and design them is another matter! I hope to have the next one available by the end of January next year.  Excited! 

5) Join Instagram 

I must be the only person alive who did not have an instragram account, but I love seeing other's photographers accounts so on I go! I'll start "proper" next year, but I'm in the process of setting that up now - I'll let you know when it's ready! 

6) Apply for CMPro 

This is a new one for me, and one that I didn't think I would ever go for.  But for a few months now I've been feeling the desire to apply for CMPro. The problem is getting 150 "portfolio worthy"  images together - I reckon if I can try to get 20 images per month that I can weed out whilst I'm doing my editing, I should be ready to cull and apply by this time NEXT year. 

7)  Create Stock Images 

It has been on mimd of late that I would like to try my hand at creating stock images.  These are images that you upload to a micro stock site, which allows users to download and use your images for a fee. It's not exactly well paid, and you need to have lots of images on to make any money, but it might be a good way to use those images that otherwise just sit on my hard drive! 

8)  A Day In The Life Project

This is when you photograph your life for one day, from start to finish.  Considering this is only ONE day out of 365, I still have never quite managed to do this.  Perhaps I just need to pick a date in advance and do it….hmmm, another one for January!

9)  Wall Prints 

Considering how many pictures I take in a year many of my walls are sadly free from prints.  What's the point of taking pictures to only ever see the inside of your computer? Out you come! 

10) No Camera Gear 

Apart from replacing essentials (and by that I mean things like memory cards etc) there will be no more camera gear for me in 2015. (Maybe we can we call replacing my 50m f1.4 with the new Sigma an essential replacement…yes?!) 

11) Planned Shoots 

I'm adding an extra one in here (I try to keep it to 10 but no 9 is not exactly a "doing" one) as I'm going to try to schedule at least one planned shoot per month, either with my own or with other people's kids. 

I strongly encourage you to write a list of your photography goals too so I'll be back tomorrow with a second post that details some ideas and areas you might want to look at when compiling YOUR own individual goals!

Have a nice Monday!