Tips for Creating Your Photography Goals

After sharing my 2015 Photography Goals yesterday, as promised I thought it would be useful to list some ideas for creating yours! Everyone’s individual goals are going to be very different, so here are some things to consider when compiling your list.  

Technical Knowledge 

Where you are on your photography journey will determine what you might need to add in from here.  For example, you may want to start to work on your white balance,  using back button focusing, knowing which metering mode to use and so on.  Or perhaps working with different light - backlight, dramatic light, from the shadows and so on. See what areas you are technically weak on, and seek to improve them by learning online, or taking a workshop, reading a book or just simply practising until you have it down.  


Using good composition is essential in photography, regardless of the camera type you have, so if you already understand the rule of thirds, look at more detailed ways of composing your photos, for example, using negative space, leading lines, changing perspective and so on. 


I would say that a even having a basic understanding of editing is quite important with digital photography, so if you don't already, perhaps you should learn how to do a basic edit. If you are already good at basic processing, you might want to learn how to give a vintage feel to your photos, or apply texture, or just simply work on improving the colour in your images.  

Technique & Style 

A harder one to measure, but looking at what style of photography you have, or how to emulate styles that you admire by using artistic techniques can help you on your photography journey - for example, taking back-lit photos, creating stunning black and whites or taking photos using very shallow depth of field. 

Using / Storing your images 

Some example goals might be to sort through your photos to create an online collection, print yearly photo books, print photos for display or start a photo journal, or just simply to create an online backup strategy. 

Photo Projects 

Having a photo project can be very helpful in your photography. You could do a Project 52 or a Project 365, or you could give yourself a theme. Some examples might be photographing what you eat for lunch for a year, or a self portrait each month, or using just one lens for a year - honestly, it can be anything! 

Get a Wider Audience

Join a photography club or a Project 52 group, start a blog, create your own website, share images for critique on online forums such as Clickin moms, try to get your work displayed locally, make cards from your images - there are so many opportunities to share your work with others, and can be a great learning tool or motivator whatever stage you are at. 

Build your Business 

If going into business is your thing, or you are already there, think of ways you can improve it. Where do you want your business to be in five years time? What do your clientele look like? How often do you want to shoot? What steps do you need to do to get there? It might be a business rebrand, thinking of creative advertising, what new products you can offer or even what you want your brand to portray. 

As you can see there are so  many different options that you can have on your photography goal list - there are always new challenges, ideas and opportunities to you as a photographer. I hope that this has give you some ideas and inspiration. 

Remember, you don't need to do ALL of your list at once!  Especially if you are just starting out, when perhaps you have quite a lot of technical stuff to learn. Also, try to challenge yourself in different ways - maybe to learn something new that you haven’t tried yet, practice the things that you understand but aren’t proficient at yet, and have a goal with what to do with all those terrific pics you get!