Some ideas for photographing your child this fall....

Since Fall is now officially upon us,  I thought I'd share with you some ideas for photographing your child during this beautiful season. Obviously, it’s a great time of year for landscape shots, but it can also be a fantastic time for taking posed or lifestyle photographs of your child too.   I've complied a list of some ideas for fall photos and thought I'd share them with you..

  1. Standing or sitting under a fall-colored tree
  2. Child’s feet in a pile of leaves
  3. Holding out a fall colored leaf
  4. Kicking a pile of leaves
  5. Out in a street lined with fall colored trees
  6. All wrapped up in a cosy sweater and hat
  7. Silhouette at fall sunset
  8. Your child’s initials carved into a tree or pumpkin
  9. Riding bikes down a tree lined street
  10. Picking up conkers
  11. Throwing leaves up into the air 
  12. Looking at the view through your front door
  13. Looking at the fall colors through your window
  14. Sitting under an apple tree with the fallen apples
  15. Lying back with their head in the leaves
  16. Visiting a pumpkin patch
  17. Write your child’s name with fallen leaves
  18. Child doing a leaf angel 
  19. Biting into a shiny red apple
  20. Photograph your child's fall colored artwork
  21. Sitting with / on a pumpkin 
  22. Playing in a golden wheat field 
  23. With a basket or crate of apples, pumpkins or corn 
  24. Running through a patch of dry leaves 
  25. Playing out in the first frost

Hopefully this has given you ideas for photos to try for when you are out and about with your children during the fall season, and some ideas for creating a more stylized shoot - perhaps by merging some of these ideas together. 

I hope these fall photo shoot ideas have inspired you to get your camera out and photograph your child this fall!