Why Shoot in Manual - An Example!

I thought these two images were such a good demonstration of the importance of shooting in manual mode that I wanted to share them with you today.  There are both taken at exactly the same time, one after the other, and both in Manual Mode, but have such different looks because of the way I set my camera each time.  

This first image is a "test" shot, just to see the framing, and has my more usual settings and is exposed so that you can see the building, which whilst technically correct, is not very exciting and definitely not what I was after!

So I changed my settings to expose for the sky, and to show the sun as a starburst, which is what I had in mind once I saw that the sun was peeking through one of the windows. 


I'm not trying to say that one is bad and one is good - if I had wanted to show the building in detail and not a silhoutte then obiously the first would be much better - but rather to show just how different the same scene can be captured depending purely on how you set your camera, which is all dependant on what your vision for the final shot is. Shooting in Manual Mode is really the only way to get that complete control, so if you are currently using Auto I urge you to try to master manual today!