Do you Keep a Photography Journal?

Have you ever heard of people keeping a photography journal?  I read about the idea a while back, and whilst I'm not exactly regimented with it, I do love having a little notebook where I can record my thoughts, ideas and inspiration. 

There are several things I keep in my journal - ideas for images, props or locations, or quotations and lists - anything random that is associated with photography that I felt was inspiring in some way, or that I wanted to take note of so I didn't forget!   Although it can be useful to flip back through and get ideas now and then,  or just to get information I've noted down, mostly I use it in because I find that the very act of writing something down reinforces it with me - I tend to retain the information better, and i am more likely to act on it.  (I'm a born list maker - I feel lost without my "to-do" list!)

If you fancy keeping a photography journal but are not quite sure where to start,  here are some ideas of what you can start to include: 

-  Your photography goals

- Notes from mentorships / classes / blogs 

- Inspirational quotes or poems

- A photography book wish list

- Ideas for a photography project

- Ideas for props or locations, or just sketch an image that you want to take

- Design or branding ideas if you are in business (or intend to be) 

- Equipment wish-list 

"A thing of beauty lasts forever" John Keats

"A thing of beauty lasts forever" John Keats

You don't need to use a pen and paper to journal if that's not for you. I also use Wunderlist to keep track of things, and Evernote, which is great for clipping pages from the web that you want to refer to later, even when you are offline.

Hmmm, can you tell that I am a control freak with all these lists?!