Dodge and Burn The Better Way

A really quick editing tip for you today! 

Do you use the Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop? They are wonderful little tools but can be a little on the destructive side. Here's a another way:

1. Add a new layer by going to Layer and choosing New and then Layer 

2.  A New Layer dialogue box will open up, but before you click OK, set the mode to Overlay and click the “Fill with Overlay – neutral colour (50% grey)” box.

3. Choose a soft wide brush and move your opacity waaaayy down, to around 10%. 

4. Now you are ready to dodge and burn! Anything you paint with WHITE will lighten (dodge) and anything you paint with BLACK will darken (burn).  Use this to gently bring your viewers eyes to areas you want to draw your attention, and gently mould your image to how you want it!