What I'm doing with my Project 365 images

Second week in of the Project 365 and still going strong! Rather than simply share my images from Week 2, I  thought I'd share with you what I am doing with all the photos that I intend to take during the year for this project. 

First off, I've decided to keep these separate from the rest of my photos (just so they are all together) so they now have their own little folder on my desktop. When I take an image for a 365, a copy of it goes in there, so that at the end of the week I have an image for each day in one place. 

I have started to write a couple of words on the image to say about what it's about - just to add a little extra information - and also the day it was taken.  One or two lines only - if there is anything majorly important I tend to document it with photos anyway, so this is just a little addition so that they maybe make sense in ten years time (So I don't have to ask myself why I was taking images of a squirrel)  


If the image was taken with my iPhone, or was taken in portrait orientation, then I I have a template where the image is on one side only, and the text goes along the other side, rather than over the top of the image.  This also gives me some more room if I want to write more than a couple of lines about the image. 

I've been printing these out as 6x4's, and putting them into photo pages that will fit inside a 12 x 12 binder (It's this one that I have ordered, I'll show you it when it eventually arrives!) Each page has slots for 6 images in landscape orientation.

Unfortunately, that does mean that I have 7 images per week and only 6 slots, so each week will need to be spread out over a couple of pages. Due to that, I've added in a couple of extra elements, like a "January" and "week of" 6 x 4 print to have it fill the pages better! I'll see how it goes - I may have to mix things up a little bit and get different sized image protectors, like these!

Here's how they look inside the photo protectors. 


I'll still be doing my yearly photo book (SO close to finishing 2014 - more on that on a different post) so this will be in addition to that, rather than replacing it.  The photo books are for the family, but for some reason this little project feels like it is just for me - I just think it will be fun to look back on in the years to come. 

I'll share the pages with you every so often so you can see how it's progressing!