My 2014 Family Photo Books

It’s that time again when I make my Photo Book for the previous year. I do give myself a self-imposed deadline of the end of January – otherwise it will never get done (along with 2012 and 2011!)

I did share how I managed making photo books last year – it’s essentially the same for 2014 but I will post again for those who missed it.  (That said I am working on adding something new to my photobooks this year – if it works out, it will be awesome and I'll tell you all about it, if not, you’ll never hear of it again.  Unforutnately I won’t know for sure until I get the books in my hand!)


I’m using a mix of iPhone and DSLR images this year (last year I only used DSLR images) Throughout the year I save my images into year , then month, then date format. In theory, as I edit images throughout the year I save a set as JPEG’s ready to simply be dragged into my photo book. However, this never happens in real life after say, July, so I have to batch edit quite a few images to get my JPEG's ready to go in.  Anyway, I have them all edited and filed by month before I start.


There’s no text in my books at all, apart from a cover page for each month so I know when the images were taken.  Maybe next year I will add in text  as I like the idea of it, but it’s something I think you need to do as you go along – I can’t imagine adding text to the books at the end of each year too!  


I use Blurb for my Photobooks and can’t see myself changing from them as I like the layouts and the quality.   I have downloaded BookSmart to my computer, so I simply need to open this and drag the images in to get them into the Blurb book.


I like big pictures, and I have many many images, so I use the 12 x 12 square book size. I mainly use the Blurb page layouts, but I have created one or two page spreads that I like to use. I tend to use the same ones throughout the book to make it look a bit more cohesive.

When choosing my layouts I first see how many images I have and at which orientation, then find the layout that will accommodate them best. I do try to switch up my layouts so that there is a bit of variety – I also add in single page images to break it up a bit.  This does make the book bigger though.

I also try to mix it so that black and white and color photo “sessions” are scattered throughout - rather than having two or three spreads all in black in white, one after the other for example. 


 Last year I used the upgraded paper and was very happy with it so I fully intend to use that again this year. That said, my book is currently just over 240 pages, which is the cut off for using upgraded paper – I will be going back through to see if I can cull any spreads to bring it into line, or I will just have to use standard paper, which I'm pretty sure would be fine. 


The books are almost finished and ready to be printed – so if anyone sees a decent Blurb discount code let me know!