My 2016 Photography Goals

December is a perfect time to think about some photography goals for the coming year - there's something about the clean start of a new year that galvanises you into action!   I've always considered that the act of physically writing things down brings you one step closer to actually doing them - far more so than simply having them in your head - so I do recommend that you take a moment to write down your goals, and what you hope to achieve in the coming year. 

if you would like to have a go at writing your own list, have a read of this post from last year which gives you some tips on creating your own photography goals. You might also want to refer to this post on a guide to your photography learning path, to see what skills you might want to concentrate on next year. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you today my goals for 2016 - some of which are carried over from 2015 either because I didn't do them, or because I loved them so much I want to do it again!   

1)  Complete a Project 365

This was one my goals for 2015, and I'm pleased to say that for the most part, I achieved it. Sure, there are some missing days here and there (June was noticeably bad, and December - despite my best intentions - has been even worse) and many, many of these were snapshots taken with my iphone just before I went to bed, but still, I did it. I can honestly say that I think it has been one of the best goals I've ever made, and I have a feeling this one is going to make it onto my goal list each year :) 

2)  Get In the Frame once per Month

Another one from last year, but this time, one that I did not achieve. I'd say I've probably only managed to get on the other side of the camera around six times, so this one obviously needs a bit more work. That said, it is more than I was in the frame in 2014, so the goal did it's job of at least prompting me to do it more often.

3)  Finish my 2012 Photo Book

No, that's not a typo, my 2012 family photo book has not even been started! I've managed to finish every other year since, but 2012 was the year my photo organisation skills were poor (to put it mildly) so finding the photos i want to use is pretty time consuming. Add in the fact that my editing skills have improved enormously since then, and therefore I want to re-edit every single one, means this is proving to be a bit time-consuming :(

4) Use Advanced Composition Tools

Although I understand many advanced composition elements, like the golden spiral  or golden triangle, I rarely (if ever) use these.  I'd like to be a little bit more purposeful when shooting next year, and see if I can arrange the frame to include some of these. 

5) Create a Portfolio

I started with this last year (as I originally planned to apply for CMPro - which I might still do at some point) but never quite got around to assembling 150 images that would make the grade of being portfolio worthy. I'd love to do this someday, and perhaps this will be the year. 

6) Use Lightroom for Photo Organisation

For the last couple of years I've had Lightroom, but never really dedicated myself to it. For photo organisation, it really can't be beat, but it is an all or nothing thing - once you start organising with Lightroom, you can't really chop and change how you do things.  So, this year, I'm going to commit to using Lightroom for a whole year for ALL my photo organisation - all photo files and folders, smugmug uploads, blurb books etc etc.  I figure that I really should give it as much of a chance as I can, as if I can do it properly, I figure it may just save me a lot of headaches. 

That's all the goals for this year!  

For reference, here was my goals for 2015, and whether I achieved them or not:

1) Get in the Frame once per month  (No - but more than the year before)

2) Complete a Project 365 (yes!) 

3) Keep on top of editing (yes....kind of. I'm behind a little now, but only for Nov /Dec)

4)  Write my Second eBook (yes!)

5) Join Instagram (Technically yes, but I've not been using it, so no)

6) Apply for CMPro (No. I decided against it just now, and just to concentrate on a portfolio)

7)  Create Stock Images  (Technically, yes......a whole 3 of them ha ha!) 

8)  A Day In The Life Project (Yes!)

9)  Wall Prints (yes!)

10) No Camera Gear  (yes!) 

11) More Planned Shoots (Yes!) 


Perhaps 11 was a little optimistic :)