Project 365 - January in Review

Well, these last three weeks of my Project 365 have been just that little bit harder!.  I had been trying to finish up some projects I'd been working on - such as my  2014 photo book and the release of the new ebook (and some new projects that I'll be telling you about soon!), and when I am trying to get something done, I tend to focus all my energies on that -  total tunnel vision.   Normally, I wouldn't even have picked up my camera at all during this last few weeks, and I suppose that's the beauty of a P365 - you do feel forced to take a shot regardless of what else is going on, and therefore capture moments that otherwise you would have missed.  And for that reason alone I am quite pleased with myself for sticking it out.  That said, they are hardly my most inspiring images :) 

Nonetheless, image quality not withstanding,  I did take a photo a day...



As you can see I've still been using a mix of iPhone and DSLR, which is actually a nice combination - it does make life a bit easier if you can just whip out your iPhone and snap a picture. I only use the basic camera for shooting with which is pretty limiting (you can get apps that help with that though - it's on my to-do list) so it can be more of a challenge, but as I said before, perfection isn't required in this Project 365- just a shot a day. 

I'm also now caught up with putting the January images into the Project365 album I've started - the binder finally arrived so everything is in one place now -  you can see it below. 

I also found these free monthly calendars which I'll pop in each month - it  helps keep me on track as I try to remember which day is which, and also for creating a "start" to each new month in the album.  They were originally 3x4 (I just expanded them to be 4 x 6) and you can find them here at Kimla designs if you want them for yourself! 

How many of you are doing the Project 52 prompts and / or a Project 365? And how are you finding it?