4 Ways to Follow & A Subscriber Update

If you are anything like me, you will have a list of blogs that you like to read, but sometimes don't remember to pay them a visit.  Luckily there are several ways you can follow your favourite blogs depending on how often you like to see their content and the places you like to hang out on the web, so today I thought I'd share how you can follow THIS blog (and what you can expect from each one) although this will be the same for many of the blogs you might also want to follow. 

1) Subscribe Via Email 

This is how I follow my favourite blogs.  By subscribing by email you ensure that you never miss a blog post and also have the ease of having content sent straight to you, so you never have to remember to "check in" to see what's been going on.  If you sign up for blog updates to this blog, you'll get a weekly email with the latest blog content, so you don't miss a thing.  I'll also be sending occasional subscriber exclusive offers and content in the future - this is new and something I'm working on just now. 

Subscribing is easy - all you need to do is enter your email address, then click on the link on the email you are sent confirming your subscription, and the next blog post will be sent to your inbox - simple! You can sign up here  or using the big newsletter block on the right blog sidebar.  If you are signing up to other blogs, check how often they are going to deliver content to make sure you are happy with how often they are going to be sending you stuff. 

I also have a little update for existing subscribers: I have recently changed from Feedburner to Mailchimp, so you might notice a little difference in your inbox this week! Please bear with me if there are any duplications - it should only be the one (if any) The reason for the change was firstly just to improve the service - because Feedburner is no longer supported by Google, when there is a problem (like there was last week when it somehow managed to wipe all my subscribers out - lucky I have a back up!) you have no-one to turn to for help. Secondly, this will allow me to occasionally send you exclusive content and other perks as mentioned above - so please bear with me as I make the changes! 

2) Subscribe in a Reader (such as Bloglovin or Feedly) 

If you prefer not to receive updates via email, but still want to make sure you see every blog post, you can do so by subscribing to updates in a reader.   There are different readers available, my favourite is Bloglovin. You  just enter the link or blog name and then click follow to add it to your list.  With BlogLovin you get sent a daily email with links to all the latest posts from the blogs you have signed up to - this is great for keeping on top of multiple blogs when you don't want lots of content in your inbox but you still want to see every post.   

3) Follow Via Pinterest 

Every tutorial type post or project post is pinned to my Pinterest boards, so that you will be able to see new content on Pinterest too.  However, I also pin other content from the web (photo inspiration, ideas for using your images in your home, other tutorials etc) The chances are if you like the content on the blog, you'll like what I'm pinning.  This is the same for most blogs, if you like their content, you'll probably like their pins too, so it can be good to follow your favourite bloggers to see what they are up to.  (Also, I do love it when you “pin” something that you think is interesting from the blog to your boards - thank you if you do!)  I'm not a daily Pinterest user, but will have occasional surge of activity!  You can follow here. 

Follow via Facebook 

Facebook can be a great way to follow if you are often on there anyway, and you want to follow a  lot of blogs but don't want to see all the content. However, be aware that the chances are you'll miss a lot of stuff!  There is a lot of frustration with Facebook with many bloggers (myself included), because only a small percentage of posts will make it into the news feed of those that "like" the page. For me, I know that out of a combined total of 2,000 followers, each post will reach about 200 people in their home feed. This will be the same for other blogs that you follow on Facebook - you'll only see about an 1/8 of the stuff they post (it depends on how much you interact with that page, and how many other people have interacted with that post and the type of content it is - Facebook have their own little algothrim which determines whether it shows up in your news feed or not)  

However, if you want to make sure that you see ALL the posts from ALL the pages you are following (including mine!) then the easiest way to do that is to simply go to your Facebook home page and look over at the left-hand side where you should see “Pages Feed”   If you click that, you will see a separate feed that is just for all of the pages you follow. This way you'll see EVERYTHING that your "liked" pages post so you won't miss anything! I click on mine a few times a day to see what's been happening - I like it so much more to see them in all in one place like that too. 

On Facebook I share links to new blog content, and links to other content around the web that I think you might like and find of interest too - there's also Instagram and Pinterest tabs on there so you can see what's happening on there even if you don't follow. 

I think Facebook could also be a great place for more interaction, so I will be devoting a bit more of my time there. Here's the link if you want to follow Facebook

Follow via Instagram

I'm brand new to Instagram, so half the time I forget to post there, but being a visual person Instagram should be my ideal social media tool! I only occasionally share a blog post through Instagram, as I mainly use this for sharing images that I have taken that week. (If you don't use Instagram, you can still see my Instagram feed on here  - I have a rotating thumbnail images on my sidebar on the right of the blog - or on Facebook).  If you do have an account there, you can follow me here.  (oh, and I know I was asked a few times to share how to set up and share on Instagram - turns out I'm not the only one who didn't have a clue - I'll write and post that up next week, just forgot about it until now!) 

The two places I'm NOT on are Twitter and Google Plus - I don't understand Twitter (!) and I'm not really sure there is a demand for Google Plus (is there anybody that uses Google +? - I'd love to hear) but if they are your places of choice then many, many other bloggers use these too. (I've probably one of the few NOT on Twitter) 

I hope this has helped some of you decide how to follow not only this blog, but also your other fave blogs too so that your inbox and screen can be flooded with creative inspiration each week!