The Photography Blah's

Do you ever have periods where you feel you are in a photography rut, or you don't want to pick up your camera? I call them the photography blahs. Everything you photograph just feels "blah" - not a terribly technical term I agree but one that seems to suits the mood.

Well, I'm in one just now, and it sucks. 

I have had this before, and I'm pretty sure it seems to happen when I get stressed out about getting stuff DONE (photography related or otherwise). Or perhaps it was the MAMMOTH editing session I did in January / February this year that has put me off.  (Editing hundreds of photos in one month can do that to you I'm sure). Or maybe I'm just a bit burnt out.  Or it could just be winter.  

Yep. I have no idea :) 

There is a ton of advice for getting out of a photography rut (and I'll list a few in a moment) so I daresay I'll be giving some of them a try over the next few days, but for now, I've put down the camera.  I think - for me at least - forcing the issue just doesn't seem to work. It does mean that I will miss at least a week out of my 365 (which I'm sad about) but it's better than the useless feeling I'm getting when I upload my half hearted images to my computer!  

I think I'll also take a day away from the blog / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest so to give myself a total photography break - although I usually like to see what everyone else is doing, and actually find it quite inspiring, when you are feeling the photography blahs, it can go the other way instead. 

I had a quick root around the web for tips and tricks for getting out a photography rut and came up with these ideas. They are pretty self explanatory I think so I've not gone into detail with them, but here is a whopping 15 ideas I can try….

1. Put the camera down, and go do something else creative instead, like painting or sewing or cooking. 

2. Shoot exclusively with your iPhone or P&S to challenge yourself. 

3. Shoot something new - if you normally shoot children, shoot macro for example. 

4. Go on a Photo Walk - take a image every ten paces. 

6. Shoot to a theme (only red things, only candy etc) 

7. Rent or buy a new lens. (ooooh, yes, me likey that one!)

8. Take a Workshop or read a photography book 

9.  Look at other types of Art, such as paintings or sculpture

10. Go to a new location, or one you haven't been to in a while

11. Stick to one lens / one focal length for a week (NOT the one you use most) 

12 Take time away from the computer and go something COMPLETELY different. 

13. Shoot in a room in the house that you don't normally use for photographs

14. Get in the Frame yourself! 

15. Choose a light source you would never normally use and challenge yourself to work with it. 

That just some quick ideas - I have no idea if any of them work, but I have a feeling I'll be giving some of them a try over the next few weeks - starting with #1 and #12! 

Do you ever feel like you are in a photography rut? If so, what do you do to get out of it? I'd love to hear your thoughts…..(when I'm back at the computer tomorrow!!)