I Liked the Old Name Better...

So many people have said this to me since I changed the name of the site from "Live Snap Love" to "Audrey Ann Photography" a few months ago - "I liked the old name better"

And you know what - I liked it better too.  

Wish is why, as of yesterday, I renamed as much as I could back the original site name, Live Snap Love.  

So, why did I change from Live Snap Love in the first place you might ask?

There were a few reasons, but one of them was that on some level I've always felt a bit insecure about my photography - the term "mom with a camera" can be bandied about unfavourably, and I think I felt that I needed to act more like a professional to be taken seriously. But in doing so, I actually took away from what this site was always about and intended for - other people who are just like me: people who love photography, who want to better capture their children and their days, maybe want to dabble into macro or fine art, perhaps one day start a photography business, and want to take their images off the hard drive and into their life.  For some months I've felt that the name was jarring with that, and I finally plucked up the courage to make the change yesterday.  Live Snap Love just "fits" better.

It's definitely not the wisest move to change a site name, then change it back again a few months later (I really don't recommend it!) but I feel that by doing so, I'm getting back on the right track. 

You'll still get to the site the same, the content is the same, and if you follow on InstagramPinterest, via BlogLovin or weekly email, you'll see that the name you follow has changed but everything just carries on as normal. 

However, there is one area that has always caused me problems, and that is Facebook. You see, with Facebook (unlike any other platform I may add) you are not allowed to change names, or merge pages that don't have near enough the same name.. Because of that, I'e been stuck with two pages these last few months.  

At the risk of REALLY annoying everyone, I've decided to revert back to the original page -  Live Snap Love - and use that from now on. 

I know, I know:  I am an complete and utter pest and I don't deserve such lovely followers. But, if you DO follow on the Audrey Ann Photography Facebook Page, can I humbly ask that you "like" the Live Snap Love page instead? (Ducks from flying missiles)  

(If you were one of the ones who changed from Live Snap Love to Audrey Ann Photography - I am REALLY really sorry!) 

I will of course keep both pages updated, but it would be absolutely lovely if we were all in one place, back home in the warm, safe bosom of Live Snap Love.  

My blog's mid-life identity crisis is now over. Thank you for sticking with me through it.  (And if you are a new follower, thank you for following! Everything will remain the same, just now with a name that I quite like. And now you know a bit more about me - I come subject to change)

Welcome back Live Snap Love!