Using the iPhone

Of late I have found myself picking up my iPhone to take a shot, rather than using my DSLR.  To be honest, this has not been out of choice - it's only because I nearly always have my phone on me, but not my big clunky DSLR.   For my 365 Project this has been especially true - I would have missed many a day if I hadn't taken an iPhone shot! 

Although it's easy to use and always on hand, one of the issues I have with it is that you can't really control depth of field with an iPhone, and this is one of the things I use a lot with my big girl camera.  Also until now, I've just been using the basic camera that I have with my five year old iPhone (I have no idea even which model that is!) which doesn't allow you to control things like ISO and shutter speed, so using it does feel quite limiting and harder to me than using a DSLR! 

That said, I do sometimes enjoy the challenge of shooting with just my iPhone. You have to rely on composition  to make your images interesting, and have to be even more aware of where the light is and how it is falling.   Actually, if you are finding yourself in a photography rut I'd probably recommend a week with only your iPhone or Point and Shoot on Automatic to get you thinking more creatively! 

Here's some of the iPhone pics I have taken from the start of the year. 

Since it does look like I'm going to be using my iPhone for pictures going forward, I want to get a bit more geared up for using it. I've literally just download the Camera + app, which does allow you a bit more control over your settings (although of course you still don't get the same options as you would with a "proper" camera) so hopefully that will help a bit, but does anyone know of any other apps that are useful for your iPhone, editing or otherwise? There are so many out there that I feel a bit lost!