A Day in the Life

For a while now I've been meaning to capture a "Day in the Life" - where you document a typical 24 hours though photos, showing what you did, where you went, what you ate, and even what time you got up in the morning!  It's both a form of documenting your life, and a creative and technical challenge - photographing regularly throughout one day allows you to get into your  shooting groove (at least in theory!) 

As you might have guessed, I've finally got around to doing it. I have been a bad Project 365'er this month, so I figured that taking a bunch of photos in one day would make up for it :) 

I didn't preplan anything about the day, in fact it was a pretty spontaneous decision the night before - I just grabbed my camera as I went to bed so that I would see it in the morning and remember to do it...


 I never have to set my bedside alarm as I seem to have one in the form of a little boy, who always wakes up around 6.20 without fail.   

Once everyone is up, I'm on breakfast duty, and we always have a freshly made juice each morning. (This one is beetroot, carrot, apple juiced with a avocado blended in - sounds yuk, but is actually pretty yummy!) 

The "boys" have theirs whilst playing, and I go back to the kitchen to make a packed lunch. 

Hubby is out the door, and for some reason we are running late today (must be all the photo taking!), so my boy gets his breakfast whilst playing on the iPad so I can go and get ready.  He's in heaven with my bad parenting.  


Once I'm ready it's time to tackle getting the remaining household member dressed, and gather everything ready for school. We're still running late so I'm in such a rush I forget my camera as we head out the door. 

Back home after school drop off and I pick up my camera again. My plan for today was to go to the gym since rain was forecast, but as the day looks sunny I risk going for a walk along the beach instead, and luck out, as it only starts to cloud over as I'm having my coffee. 

Back home in time for an early lunch, and to finish the household chores, like unloading the dishwasher and making beds, and I get some stuff prepared for dinner too. 

20150615_2253 copy.jpg

12.30pm and I'm in front of the computer. This is typically when I try to do my editing, or write blog posts, or just any general household stuff like paying bills etc. 

3pm and it's time to leave for school pick up.  A lot of kids gather around the "trim trail" after school, so we play there until around 4.15pm before heading home.


Back home and it's time to get dinner ready. 

After dinner we have some game time (darts today!) and then it's time to feed the ducks (who now hover about after dinner since they know we generally come out at that time to play) water the seedlings in the greenhouse, and tidy up after dinner. 


Then it's bath and bed time for the youngest family member, then TV time for us. 

That's it!. There were actually a lot more images, but as my son get's older, I do feel less inclined to share so much about his day - he is of an age where I feel that these are his stories to decide whether to tell or not.  So, you'll just to put up with just having me :) 

There is something really quite fun about doing a day in the life: capturing all that boring, routine, everyday stuff that you would never think to normally photograph.  In addition to simply documenting your typical days, it's also a pretty good creative exercise too!  It's something I'll definltey do again in the future - there was actually so much that I either forgot or didn't have time to photograph - but for now, I'm pretty pleased to have managed to cross it of my "someday" to-do list!