Facebook Photo Size Guide

After getting fed up watching my images get cut in half by Facebook (and not where I would have cut them off either!) I thought I'd get to grips with the optimum sizes for sharing images and links on there.  As I am sure many of you will be posting mages or your business Facebook page, or even on your personal one, hopefully some of you will find this useful too. 

Here are the main areas for images on your Facebook page, and their optimum sizes, starting from the top down! 

Facebook Cover Photo - 815 x 315

The Facebook Timeline Cover is the large wide photo that is on top of your timeline, and it is sized at 851 px wide by 315 pixels tall.  You can upload larger images which you can then crop and move to the correct positon on Facebook, but I prefer to size it in Photoshop correctly so I can see exactly what it will look like.  You can create multi image covers like mine using Photoshop, or just choose a single panoramic image. (And that annoying gradient at the bottom where it fades up from dark grey? Well, apparently there is no way to remove that)  Remember not to have anything important on the bottom left of the image, as this will get covered by your profile pic. 

Profile Pic - 160 x 160 

The space for your profile pic (that square on the bottom left) is 160 x 160 pixels wide but you need to upload this at a 180 x 180px file..  Again, if you upload a larger image, this will be automatically downsized to this, and cropped by Facebook (although you can control where it crops)  

Posting a Square Photo to the Timeline - 470 x 470

To use the space for one photo is 470px by 470px but it's recommended that you upload an image that has been sized larger than that, to 1200px and 1200px.  A square crop uses the maximum amount of space - great if you share Instagram photos on Facebook! 

If you post two images, then they will be cropped to fit into half the space, so each image will be 470 wide x 235 tall like the one below.  If you upload two portrait orientation images, then it should go the other way, they will each be 470 tall, by 235 wide.

Shared Link Images - 470 x 246

If you share a link with an image, then the image size will be displayed at 470x 246 pixels - if the image from the link is a different size it will be cropped from the top and bottom to fit.The general recommended upload size is 1200 x 628 pixels.  

Photo in News Feed - 470 wide

A landscape orientation shot will be scaled to 470 wide, and the height will be adjusted accordingly.  If you want to use the whole amount of space available,  these should be sized at 1200 x 900 pixels, which gives a ratio more like a 5x7. 

If you choose a smaller ratio than that, such as the standard 2:3 ratio, it will simply be scaled down, and you won't get to use the full height of the posting box - just use 1200 px at the longest side.  It's a subtle difference though as you can see between the picture above and the one below.  

A portrait image will be scaled down to 394 tall, leaving blank space on the right, like in the example below.   

As we normally have images in the 2:3 ratio, these will still look good on the timeline, they just won't take up the full amount of the "allowed" size.  

Hopefully that all made sense.  I'm honestly not 100% sure on all these sizes and dimensions - this seemed to be the common "optimal" sizes so I've gone with that.

Just in case you don't know, if you have a Facebook Business Page, you can upload images with a higher quality by adding them to an album first, and checking the box that says "High Quality".  Unfortunately, if you just have a personal Facebook page, I think you just have to live with Facebook compressing your images! It is also recommended that you save as a PNG file, rather than a JPEG.  

 If anyone has any tips or hints for having their images look great on Facebook - please share in the comments below and I will update the post!