Favourite Photography Inspiration Sites

Sometimes all of us  just need a little inspiration in our photography, and seeing other photographers work can lift your spirits, spark an idea or just make you want to pick up your camera! (Either that or they make you feel like you are the worst photographer in the world and have you listing your camera on eBay...)  If you find it's the former, then here are some sites that I like to flick through to spark ideas or just get my photography juices flowing....

CMPro at Clickin Moms 

Many of the "pro" phtoographers at Clickin Moms post their inspiring images daily on this part of the blog, and usually share their camera settings too.  There is lifestyle, portrait, still life and macro - so something for everyone! 

Let the Kids 

 I shared a link to this site earlier this week on Facebook - they showcase work in the child / family / lifestyle photography genre, and is well worth a peek.

British Association of Professional Child Photographers

Each month this site posts inspirational photos with a theme, such as backlit, father's day etc 

Kids Were Here

These photographers post images that showcase that their kids were here - it's a wonderful reminder to see how much of a story you can tell just by photographing the details. 

Project 52 - My 4 Hens  

Project 52 Round Ups are always a mixed bag, but there are usually some gems in there! 

You Are My Wild 

Unfortuntely, this site is no longer  updated, but if you want to have a look back through the previous years work, then you will find lots of inspiration in these images taken by a group of female photographers about how they see their children. 


Whats your favourite site for photography inspiration?  Let me know in the comments below to help others too!