Month by Month Baby Photo Ideas

One of the things I really wish I had done with my child when he was a baby was a series of month by month baby photos. Babies grow at such a lightening rate in their first year that it is really a shame not to try and document that amazing development in some way.   Using pictures to do this is a great idea, which could be incorporated into a photo-book or a storyboard / collage when the year is up!  It’s too late for me (sniff) but maybe not for some of you!

So today I have compiled some great monthly baby photo ideas to give you some inspiration, plus some tips on how to make it work for you.

My first idea is courtesy of Making It Lovely. I love it because it is so clean and simple, from the setting to the clothes. She uses a homemade pin to show the baby’s age each month.

Month by Month Baby Photo Ideas  Making it Lovely


This next set by MomTog is so adorable - and the balloons add a really unique touch for showing the baby’s age in months. 

Month by Month baby photo ideas mom tog

Young House Love uses Photoshop to add the age of their child onto a plain white onesie. (Step-be-Step instructions for this can be found on the site) They use different fabric backgrounds for each week which would look fantastic in a collage (I can’t believe someone had all these different fabrics to hand!) 

Month By Month Baby Photo Ideas - Young House Love


Next up, it's The Letter B Photography and I'm just loving that chalkboard wall! If you don’t have a blackboard wall, you could easily use a small handheld chalkboard instead.

Letter B Photography

This next one is just SO cute - this mommy over at Pyjammy's has taken a photo of her triplets every month since 2007! Now that's dedication - as you can see she simply adds text over the image to show their ages.  Simple but effective!

There are lots of variations along the same theme so you get the idea. If you are able to give this a go, here are some other tips and ideas for creating your own month-by-month photo series.

Think about how often you want to take pictures

Before you start, choose how often you want to take the photos, be it weekly or monthly, and stick to it! Weekly might seem like a good idea before you start but will take a lot of willpower to keep going with. Pick a monthly date - and stick to it! Choose a date each month you are going to do it - say the 1st of the month - and make sure you always do it on that day - no excuses!

Take photos in the same location each time.

You want to be able to document the growth of your baby so you need to make sure the rest of the scene is constant. Use the same area in your house for each monthly photo. The only change I would make is to perhaps make some reference to the time of year in the photo - eg christmas tree at christmas, but make sure everything else in the photo is the same.

Make sure that location is close to a window

You’re going to need lots of natural light coming in. Think about this before you start so that you don’t end up switching locations after a few months once you realize the photos are too dark.

Keep your background uncluttered

Make sure the backdrop to your photo series is clean and uncluttered as possible so that there are no distracting elements to take your line of vision away from the main focus of the shot - your baby!

Incorporate some way of showing what month it is

If you can, include in each photo how old your child is in each of the monthly photos. There are a few ideas above on how to achieve this - use a badge or pin, balloons or chalkboards. Some other ideas are a large calender with the day circled or, a framed number hanging on the wall in the background, or it can be as simple as having a piece of paper with the number of months on it. (as with Young House Love, you can always incorporate this later by adding some text)

Use something to ”measure” against

Use the same chair or a stuffed animal so you have something to visually measure your baby’s growth against. I really like the stuffed animal idea but I have also seen one using a laundry basket - anything that will show how small your newborn was and how big they have grown each month.

Keep clothes simple

I would suggest a simple white onesie, which you can change into being a white t-shirt and shorts once they are a bit older. This so the focus is on the growth and not on the changing outfits! Also, plain simple clothes are timeless.
Why stop?

There's no need to stop when you child reaches a year - I would keep going until they are two! If you can, stick to the same location, or start a new one if they have gotten too big!! If your child is already passed the one year mark - what about one every year?  

P.S Once you have finished a year, you could add them into a storyboard template - you can find some free ones here - or there is this template on the blog here that might work well too?