Some easy ways to get in the shot...

OK, I admit it, I'm not a great fan of getting my photo taken.  This is really down to silly reasons like not having my hair/nails/face done, and because, like most women I'm sure, I don't really want my double chin, wonky tooth, and too many laughter lines to be thrown back at me on a 27" screen in horribly accurate detail - this is definitely a scenario where lenses can be too sharp :)

Each year, I hate the fact that I am in very few images, and each year I go through a spate of trying to get in the frame more. I want to be IN our yearly photo books, and not always be the one taking the images.  After I've taken the time to get in some shots, I'm always happier that I did - I can't think of a single time I've regretted being in the frame with my child.  

That all said,  since I'm not really a fan of lugging out the tripod, and nor to do I feel the need for my face to be in every image, I have some ways that I get in the shot without too much effort or embarrassment - just enough to add me into the story of our lives without it being a full on photo shoot or even having my face in the frame. Here's some easy ways I get in the shot: 

DSLR with Remote Timer / Interval Timer

As I said above, this gives me the best results, so if I want any decent pictures, this is what I use. I set your camera up on a tripod or a chair, and use my remote timer to take the shot.  In this shot, I prefocused on something on the bed, then moved it out of the way and got myself into the position.  The photo at the top of the page was taken in the same way (and you can tell that for some reason I edit most images of myself in black and white!)  You can read more about how I set this up here and why I prefer a interval timer over a timer remote here

A lot of the time I will just have a bit of me showing (I was there, see?) without actually having a full face on show. 

The hardest part is digging out the tripod and setting it up, which is a lot of the time I don't bother and just use whatever is kicking about to rest my camera on, in the case the corner of the TV unit. 

(Black and white again!)

Shooting down with the DSLR

If I want just enough of myself in the frame to show that I was there,  I use a wider angle lens and hold the camera out and over me, or down on me like in this one.   Of course, it can be easier with an iPhone, depending on how "wide' your lens is! 

Shoot into a Mirror

This does get boring quite quickly, but I do often add myself into the frame by shooting into a mirror.  I'll either focus on me, or I will focus on something else and just have a bit of me showing in the mirror so that I am added into the story that way, as in the example at the hairdressers. 

Actually, I'm a bit of a magpie - any shiny surface will do...

iPhone - with Arm out

I may lament the lack of control of an iPhone compared to a DSLR, but there is no doubt that this is an easier way to get in the frame!  Again, sometimes I'll leave in just enough so that I know it is me, but other times I will embrace it!  Although I do also have a selfie stick, which gives you a bit more room, I do rarely remember to use it! 

Get someone else to take it

Due to my controlling nature this is my least favorite method, but I will grudgingly hand the camera over to someone else and have them take a picture.  Of late, my son has been taking a few snaps of me - how can you refuse a six year old? - using the Olympus Tough camera we bought (so there are loads of  me underwater!) as it's easy for him to use and it can be easily used on Auto.  You can see a review I did on that camera here

It's one of those things that the more you do it, the less weird it becomes, so I've been making a point of trying to get in a few more - even if it is just my hands or my feet!