Fall Picture Ideas

It's Fall, the traditional time for getting out there and taking some family pictures! I thought I'd quickly round up some fall picture ideas for you:  ideas of what to photograph of your everyday life, or shots to add into your fall photo shoot, some ideas for locations, what to wear for family photos, and even some ideas for some fall props!


Fall Picture Ideas - Everyday Life

You don't have to be a professional photographer or take portraits to capture fall in your pictures, you can really help give your lifestyle images a sense of time and place by incorporating some elements of the season. 


Simple as That has created a downloadable checklist with 50 fall photo ideas, mostly just of everyday life - it's a great reminder to shoot the little things that make it feel like fall,  like little feet wearing warm winter boots, or your children riding their bike down a tree lined street.  

I've also got a list of fall picture ideas for children here on the blog which you might also find interesting - again, it focuses on capturing everyday moments but there are also some ideas of what you could do for a more planned fall photo shoot.

If neither of these are exactly what you want, how about creating your own fall picture "bucket list"? 


What to Wear for Fall Pictures

If you are getting your own family photos taken this fall, you may also be wondering what to wear to your fall photo session, or if you are a photographer you will be trying to advise your clients. Even if you just intend to photograph your own children, clothing choices can be really important in incorporating colour in your images so here's a couple of very helpful guides to what to wear for fall photo shoots: 

Fall Family Photos Clothing Guide

Fall Mini Session Clothing Ideas

However, if you prefer not to see the actual clothing (it tends to distract me as I then want to find that EXACT same dress) then you might find simply creating a mood board with different colours in it more helpful, my favourite tool for this is Designseeds - you can just add in one colour, and it gives you a palette to work with. 


Fall Photo Shoot Location Ideas

There are several places that could be great locations for fall pictures, here's some: 

- Tree Lined Walkway

- In the leaves under a Tree

- In a Forest 

- In a boat 

- Cornfield / Field 

-  Apple Orchard 

- Pumpkin Patch 

- Old Barn 

- Bridge




You can see examples of most of these on the thedatingdivas site, and ideas of how to put these locations together with props on Summerana

Which leads me neatly onto...

Fall Photo Prop Ideas...

There are a ton of things you can use for a fall photo props! 

- Apples 

- Vintage Crates

- Pumpkins 

- Vintage Quilts / Cozy blankets

- Leaves (!) 

- Corn 

- Pinecones

Although I tend more toward lifestyle photography and therefore do not use props as such, many times my son and I just enjoy making these, and then afterwards I get some images with them anyway! (I call that a win-win) For example, I know many girls who would love to wear this crown of leaves, photo shoot or no!  You can find the tutorial here at Clickin Moms: 

Photo booth style props are always good fun,  so how about making your own with these fall Photo Booth prop download from Inner child giving? 

Even if you prefer to shoot in a studio, you could create a simple prop to bring the autumn in, such as glitter pine cones or leaves. 


How much or how little planning you do for your fall pictures is really up to you and how much of a "stylised" shoot you want to make it -  even "everyday" life photos can be greatly improved just by planning some of the elements you CAN plan for - such as what clothes to wear when you visit the pumpkin patch, or what detail shots you can get at a day at the park.  Therefore, I hope this little round up has been helpful to both planned "portrait" style shoots, and well for general lifestyle shots. 

You can find all these links and more on my Fall Picture Ideas pinterest board - I wanted to create a sort of "mood board" for fall pictures, so there is a little bit of everything on there.  (I'll pin more as I find them, so be sure to follow)  

I hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas for your fall pictures this year!