NEW! Free Library of Photography Resources Added for Subscribers!

I'm so excited to let you know about something I've been working on that I'm pretty sure you'll like - a online resource library exclusively for Live Snap Love subscribers!   It's a place where you can get access to free ebooks, presets, checklists and any other fun, useful stuff that I can deliver to you digitally.

Here's what's on the Resource Page at the moment.....

- A Free Ebook - A Guide to Making Eyes Sparkle and Shine in Portraits

- A Mental Photography Checklist

- 100 Child and Lifestyle Photography Prompts eBook

- 3 Exclusive Lightroom Presets

The best new is,  I plan to expand it with even MORE content to help you improve your photography! 

To gain access to these resources, just sign up here and the link to the digital library, along with the password, will be emailed to you straight away. Yay!