Sneak Peek: Watch an Auto to Awesome Lesson And See How You Like It!

I know it can be difficult with some online courses to really get a feel for what you are getting before you take the plunge and enroll, which is why I’ve decided to open up a lesson from the Auto the Awesome program for you to go and try out for yourself! 

The free lesson will only be available for a short time – so be sure to watch it before the 8th of June so you can see the type of training you get in the course.

Click here to see a lesson from the foundation module, and learn about Aperture & Depth of Field

This lesson will show you:

  • What Aperture Is
  • How you can use it to control exposure 
  • What depth of field is 
  • How you can use it to control how much or how little of your scene is in focus

Remember, this is just ONE lesson in a whole step by step program that takes you from Step Zero – using all the AUTO modes in your camera and having no idea what you are doing – to controlling every single aspect of it yourself, plus knowing where to place your subject to get the BEST light, and how to use simple, yet oh-so-effective composition techniques. 

So you can try out the lesson, and then enroll in Auto to Awesome to get access to all six modules, all the easy to understand exercises and video trainings, and all of the bonuses that will help you once you have finished the course too!