Is this the course for me?


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You're brand new to Lightroom or just getting started with the program and need some help! 

You haven't got a system for managing your images but you know you need one because you can't find a damn thing when you need it.

You want to start editing your images, but you have no idea what steps to take, or what to do.

You can't stand dry boring technical training that only show you how the tools work, but not actually how to USE them on your images! 


You shoot primarily portraits and lifestyle images and want them to look GREAT!

You're a hobbyist or small business owner - Launch into Lightroom was especially designed just for you, so everything is applicable to you.

You don't have a ton of time to figure all this stuff out, and just want it laid out for you, step by step.

You're ready to master Lightroom and get control of your image collection and get the images you dream of!

This means this course is not the best fit for you if:

You want to learn how to edit images other than lifestyle or portrait images. Although you can take the trainings and apply them to ANY type of photo, the examples used are all this type of image. 

You work in a large studio or have a wedding business with multiple photographers.  Launch Into Lightroom was made specfically for hobbyists or one person business owners.