The "Launch into Lightroom" e-course is a step by step program for beginners that will walk you through an entire process for using Lightroom, from start to finish.

In this self paced e-course, I take you by the hand and show you exactly how to set up your filing structure, get images into Lightroom, tag and organise them so you can find them again, and so much more. I'll then lead you through how to edit your images, step by step, so you can turn your images from drab to fab!  

Everything is presented in short, easy to follow videos, so even if you are short on time, it's easy to take action.

As this course has been specifically tailored to hobbyists or small business owners who take family or lifestyle images, you won't get loads of lessons or complicated set ups that don't apply to you - just the information you need to get organised and love your pictures.