"My first attempts to learn photography ended in much frustration because I couldn’t wrap my brain around the numbers. I read every book out there and even took online and local classes. Just when I was about to give up, I found Audrey online. Simply stated, Audrey can teach in a way that makes sense. She explains the technical, brain hurting elements of photography in a way that makes you say, “Oh, now I get it!” I have never had so many light bulb moments and trust me, I’ve tried all the other options out there!" - Jan

"Audrey has a way of explaining photographic processes and techniques like no other I've ever come across. She takes even the most complicated aspects of photography and presents the information and instructions in a casual and easy to understand manner. I've trusted her expertise since I was a "newbie" trying to buy my first DSLR, and even after going professional a year ago, I still reference her articles and use her guidance on a regular basis!"  Briana