I don't know what I want! 

Yeah, I don't know what I want half the time either.  So here's what I've done - I've listed five blog posts that are universal - in other words, they will help you out regardless of which photography "stage" you are at.  And they are something a little bit different from the norm as they aren't your standard tutorials.  Hope you enjoy them! 



How to keep moving forward when you doubt your skills

Every single one of us will doubt our photography skills at one point or another - in fact, I would say it is at least a yearly occurrence for me 😀Understanding how to keep moving forward, even when you doubt your ability, is key to making sure that you carry on on your photography journey, and achieve your goal of becoming a photographer.



The Art of Focusing On Your Own Photography Journey 

When you start out learning photography, it is easy to get overwhelmed, particularly when you are not getting advice that is tailored to where you currently are in your photography journey. 

Many times, it can send you down completely the WRONG path for where you are right now, as you try to skip ahead without having laid any of the foundational steps first....  



10 Most Helpful Blog Posts For Moving Your Photography Forward 

This has been one of my favourite blog posts to write this year, because it has allowed me to look back at all the content I’ve created over the last few years, and give you a one-stop shop for the best bits!

Well, maybe not ALL the best bits - because that would be a heck of long blog post :-)(yes, I’m so modest!)  



Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Photography Goals 

One of the things I hear time and time again is that many people feel overwhelmed with everything there is to learn in photography, and that they feel like they are running around in twenty different directions trying to learn it all.  I remember EXACTLY how that felt, and I want to see if I can help you avoid it!One thing that can REALLY help with overwhelm is creating photography goals.



How to Make Time For Learning Photography 

A few days ago I asked a question on my Facebook Page about what was the number one thing that was holding you back from learning photography.  Several of the answers that came up said an issue was they simply did not have enough time.  Now, that is something I can totally relate to!