Why even learn Lightroom? 

As a photographer, the taking of the picture is only the beginning.

You then need to find a way to transfer your images to a storage device, back them up, keep them organised, and then enhance them in processing into being the beautiful images that you covet. You'll also want to USE your images, either by sharing online or in print.

Lightroom is a tool that allows you to do all that in just one place, so you can streamline your workflow, edit amazing images with ease, and have a fully organised photo collection that works for YOU. So as much as Lightroom is an amazing tool for editing your photos, it is capable of so much more.

The only problem?

Figuring all this stuff out isn't exactly straightforward. Getting an organisational system in place, knowing how to find photos, and then how to edit them can be overwhelming. I know when I first started using Lightroom, I ditched it a few months later because I found myself in a HUGE mess with photos (and couldn't find a thing) and there were so many tools and sections that it was really hard to know where to start with editing my photos! I didn't use it again for months, but kept hearing how wonderful Lightroom was - even for hobbyists - so I started again, working everything out, from the ground up. I'm so glad I did because now it is a key part of my workflow, helping me get organised and edit my images quicker - and look even better than before!