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Hi there! I'm Audrey Ann.

I'm dedicated to helping you beautifully capture your everyday family life, and creating a life you love through photography. 


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It's so nice to have you here! 

No matter whether you are just starting out on your photography journey, or are farther along the road (or ready to kick butt with your own photography business!) I'm here to help! 

For the last 8 years, I've helped thousands of people learn photography without the overwhelm, so you can capture your family the way you want to, and as soon as possible.

Over this time, I've developed a reputation for being able to break down the complex elements of photography in a way that makes it seem easy to understand.  So if you are ready to learn photography without the frustration and overwhelm, you are going to love it here! 

So, how did all this start?

My love of photography was pretty much born about the same time as my son was. As soon I laid eyes on him, I wanted to  capture every moment: those little baby yawns, his first steps, the chaos of life with a toddler and every single thing that lay beyond.

 But I must confess, that wasn't the ONLY reason. 

Because as much as I loved being at home with my son, at times I felt isolated, or disconnected, as though I had lost myself in some way when I became a "mom".

Basically, I needed something more.

Photography was something that ticked ALL the boxes for me. I could capture the beauty of my days, and be at home connecting with my son, but still have something that was both challenging and creative, and most importantly, something that I was doing just for me.

At that time, there weren't any resources for learning photography that felt like they were made for me, and what I wanted to photograph. There was either too much emphasis on the technical side, or I somehow ended up feeling like a fraud because I was just a "mom with a camera".

And so Live Snap Love was born.

I wanted to create a place where like minded peeps felt welcomed, respected and supported, and where you could learn in a way that felt like you were simply being taught from a friend over coffee, and everything was tailored to your needs.

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Which brings me to you.

Live Snap Love is here to give you all the information you need to succeed as your own's family's photographer - and where you won't be made to feel like just another "mom with a camera", or feel belittled or unworthy. 

My goal is to help you grow your photography skills as quickly as possible, so you can capture those fleeting moments with your children and family before each moment disappears, and also create a life you love through photography.  

Whether that means you remain a committed hobbyist, or you create a side hustle to cover your lens addiction, or go all out and become a fully-fledged business owner so you can work around your family, I'm here to help you realise your dreams.