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The Art of Focusing On Your Own Photography Journey 

When you start out learning photography, it is easy to get overwhelmed, particularly when you are not getting advice that is tailored to where you currently are in your photography journey. Many times, it can send you down completely the WRONG path for where you are right now, as you try to skip ahead without having laid any of the foundational steps first....  



Why do my images look blurry? 

We've all had it, images where our subject looks soft, and out of focus and we wonder where the heck it has all gone wrong! There can be several reasons why your images aren't looking as tack sharp as we want them to be, and (luckily!) few things we can do to make it better. So here are THREE things to check if you feel you are constantly getting soft or out of focus images... 



5 Ways to Capture the Ages & Stages of Your Kids

When I first started my photography journey many years ago, my whole reason for picking up my camera was to ensure that I could capture all the things that made my son special .  It's amazing just how quickly it all changes, and before you know it they have moved onto the next "phase" of their own journey - and you blinked and missed it :)  



Your Guide to The Exposure Triangle 

Today we are going to go right back to the very beginning for any brand new photographers out there, and lay open the foundations of capturing an image - exposure. We’ll look at what exposure is, what the three elements are that allow us to control it, and finally how they all work together in something called the Exposure Triangle.  



10 Common Beginner Photography Questions & Answers

When you first start out in photography it seems like you have a million questions buzzing around in your head - how do people get those blurred background? Why is my subject out of focus? Why don't my portraits look good? Why do my images have that strange colour tint? 



5 Mistakes I Made As a New Photographer & How You Can Learn From Them

Making mistakes is all part of learning photography.  In a way, it's how we come to realise what we cannot do, and what we need to spend some time focusing on - so never feel bad about making mistakes, it's all part of the process of achieving your goal!



7 Actionable Tips for New Photographers to Help Improve Your Images Today

In this post, I'm going to give you 7 quick tips that you can take action on TODAY that will help give you better photos. So, for each tip, you also have something to do - there's no sitting around being an armchair photographer here 😀


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5 Natural Light Tips for Beginners

I pretty much exclusively use natural light for my images, because I love the variety and beauty it offers. I also love the challenge of working with what mother nature has given me to work with on any particular day! However, learning to work with and see light effectively does take some time, so today, I want to go over some tips for working with natural light that is just for beginners. 


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A 10 Minute Aperture Exercise

I'm sharing an exercise today for beginners that will help you understand the affect aperture and depth of field has on your images.  The best news is that it will only take you around ten minutes to complete so even if you feel you don't have a lot of time, you should be able to squeeze this in :) 



5 Common Mistakes When Learning Photography (and how to avoid them) 

Today, we’re diving into what I think are some of the biggest mistakes that new photographers make when trying to learn how to take successful images. Honestly, these are mistakes that I’ve seen tons of new photographers make over and over again - and I did most of them too so I'm pretty familiar with them :-)



5 Tools You Need To Get Started in Photography 

Today, I'm going to break this down for you - what you need, why you need it, what you can get away with using just now, what you should invest it first to get the biggest return on investment, along with a few tips and tricks for using them.  (Told you it was a long 'un)



What do the numbers on my lens mean? 

This was one of my very first questions I had when buying my DSLR and it took me a little while to figure out! Hopefully this post will help break this down if you are new to lenses too. 

So, let's take a look at some lenses and break down the numbers to see what they mean, and what you should look for. 



How to Get A Blurred Background 

If there is one thing that people most want to know when they are starting out, it's the trick of getting your subject in sharp focus, whilst leaving the background blurred.

Getting a blurred background is actually quite simple to do, it just needs a little bit of practice, so let's get straight on with the five steps to getting amazing, yummy background blur, shall we?




8 Tips for Using the Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens

I know that many of you will have this lens, because it's probably the one that most people go for when upgrading from their kit lens!  So, here's my tips for how to use the 50mm 1.8 and get the sharp, awesome images it is capable of!



Composition: Using the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most basic principles of composition in photography, and one you will use all the time going forward!  Here's how to do it: