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Free 5 Day Photography Course

Learn simple tips and tricks that all work TOGETHER to have you taking better images of your family in under a week. 


    In this free course you'll learn: 


    DAY 1: I'll help you understand the big picture mistake new photographers make, and why it's making your images look like snapshots . 


    DAY 2: I'll tell you about a simple composition rule that will make your images look more dynamic, so that they captivate instead of bore. 


    DAY 3: I'll teach you about light you should ALWAYS avoid, + a strategy for dealing with it when you can't (and get subjects with smooth skin & sparkly eyes!)


    DAY 4:  I'll show you how to bring attention squarely to your subject, so that they "pop" from the screen & make your images look more professional.


    DAY 5: To close out the course, we'll cover a simple change you can make to your settings that will help you get more sharp and in focus images. 


    HOMEWORK! To wrap up, your homework will be to put all five steps TOGETHER to take an amazing picture. 


    Who am I, I hear you ask?

    Hi there! I'm Audrey Ann. 

    I'm the founder of the Live Snap Love blog, and creator of the acclaimed step by step program, Auto to Awesome.

    If you think most photography tutorials are as easy to understand as getting physics lessons from a hamster, you are gonna this course. I break things down in a way that is really easy to understand, so you never feel lost or overwhelmed. 

    This free 5 day course is truly a transformative experience, and I can't wait for you to join us.

    You are joining us....right?!


    What are you waiting for? 

    It's unmissable....and free! 

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