Free Photoshop Collage and Storyboard Templates!

Yay! - links to over 100 free photoshop collage and storyboard templates for you to enjoy! These were such a hit when I posted these previously that I thought I'd share them again. 

Personally, I love making collages or storyboards in photoshop - they are a great way to show a lot of your favourite photos at the same time, and if someone else is willing to share their hard work and save me the time, all the better! 

Groups of images that have been taken at the same time (so they have the same lighting and colouring) work really well in a collage or storyboard and help to tie the whole thing together - anything that has the same background works particularly well.  If you are planning on using photos taken at different times, you can still keep the look cohesive by editing them in the same style (warm, black and white, vintage etc). Of course, there are exceptions to this, so feel free to mix it up if that if what you prefer! Personally, I love these printed on canvas, but they equally as good framed, or even used as a custom album layout.  You can see some more tips for creating for storyboards or collages here.

If you are not sure how to use photoshop templates, I've shared a step by step tutorial for adding images to a photoshop collage - I've even done a video for you :) 

Have a look at them all and see if you can find one that suits your needs - if you use Pinterest, I also suggest pinning this post so you have it to refer back to when you are in need of a collage!

Free Photoshop Collage & Storyboard Templates

Ginger Pixel - 8 Photoshop Storyboard Templates

EW Couture - 3 Free Valentine's Day Storyboards

  Photography - Free Photoshop Storyboard

Kristalund Photography - "Logan" Photo Storyboard and 2 others!

GoldyGates Photography - 5 Free Blog Storyboards for Photoshop

EW Couture - 4 Free Storyboard Templates

The Coffee Shop Blog - too many to count (around 80)! 

The Album Cafe: 3 Free Photoshop Collage Templates (4, 9 and 16 openings - these are the ones shown at the top of this post)

5 Free Photo Collage Templates

Simple As That Blog -  4 Photo Collage Templates (great for a month in photos layout)

Kristalund Photography - 20 x 20 "tea party" Photoshop Collage Templates

The Album Cafe: 3 Free Photoshop Collage Templates

A Year in Photos Template

2 Image Photoshop Template from Florabella 

Please remember to leave a comment to say thank you to the creator if you do download any of these freebies-  it's always nice to feel like your hard work has been appreciated! I haven't used all of these templates, so I hope that they all work for you. 

I do hope you enjoy these free photoshop collage and storyboards templates!