FREE Mother's Day Template: Create Your Own Interactive Photo Album!

Give your mom an amazing gift with this FREE Mother's Day Template for creating your own Interactive album in Photoshop! 

I appreciate i'm a little early, but if you are anything like me, projects that used to take one or two days to complete now can take weeks instead, so I thought I'd post early to make sure you have enough time to use this Mother's Day Template if you wanted to! 

The idea for this album came about after my mother received a christmas card from my son. It was the first time she had been given anything with his handwriting, and there were tears in her eyes as she read it. (bless her, she also wanted to frame it!) I knew then that a little book with some recent photographs, along with his writing and drawings would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day, so this album was created. I love it so much that I thought I'd share it with you guys if you wanted it too. 

What makes this album "interactive" is that there are pages with questions for your child or children to answer, such as "What does Mom/Grandma do that makes you laugh?" and "How do you know Mom/Grandma loves you?" which they can complete either in their own handwriting or by you.

There are also pages for drawings, and of course, pages with photo spreads.  It should be just a case of changing the text to suit yourself, and dropping in the images.  You can also change the background and text colours to suit your needs too. 

Although I have used this as a gift from my son to my mother, you can of course use it in a different way just by changing the text. For example, another use for this would be to make one to give to your child to fill in about YOU, so you have an album that is full of how your child feels about you at this stage in your life. (Unfortunately, it's  highly unlikely your other half will make this for you - you may just have to do it yourself!) All you need to do is change the text from Grandma and you are good to go. :)   

Please note you will need Photoshopor Photoshop Elements to use the templates

(If you don't know how add images to a clipping mask in Photoshop, you can view a step by step tutorial here which will show you what you need to do) 

The pages are sized at 12 x 12, but could easily be resized, just do so before adding text or images.  Put two pages together to have your two page spread: I did a question page alongside an image page, but you can mix and match which questions go with which photo pages.  I used Blurb for my photo book (and can heartily recommend them) You could also add in extra photo pages using their Booksmart software if you wanted a different layout from the ones I've provided. 

Hopefully this will save you a little bit of time if you want to create something similar - however if you don't have Photoshop, you can easily use this idea to create a more traditional album instead. I'll also be sharing some more Mother's Day templates and ideas in a week or so, so check back later if you fancy trying something else instead!


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You can download the Mother's Day Photo Album Template here.

This free template is provided for personal use only - strictly NO commercial use please! That includes using for client images or using as blog pages etc. You also may not resell, share or distribute the files in any way or claim them as your own - please play nice and direct others to the website to share, thank you! 

Hope you enjoy them and please - let me know what you think!