5 Creative Lenses

If you have been shooting for a while, you may find yourself wanting a new challenge, or just to do something fun and different! Changing out your lens to a "fun"  lens can have amazing results on your creativity, so I've detailed five different lenses below that will help you try something new!  I know not many of us have several $$$ to drop on a lens that is for "fun" so I've included cheap and cheerful options too 

Lensbaby Spark 

I've been itching to try out a Lensbaby for a while now, but didn't really want to spend too much money.  This Lensbaby Spark is an affordable introduction to capturing selective focus images (where your subject is in focus, but surrounded by blur)   It's basically  a soft, rubber like lens that you push and pull and turn to get one area in focus - I'm sorely tempted with this one because it looks so fun and has had pretty good reviews for the price! 

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 50 optic

If you want something that does roughly the same thing as the Lensbaby Spark, only better, then check out the "proper" range of Lensbaby lenses - such as the Composer Pro with an Optic such as the Sweet 35 or Sweet 50. It's more expensive, but will give you a better quality photo.

Fish Eye Lens / Fisheye Lens Adaptor

I wrote before about how many amazing images I've seen taken with a Fisheye lens, so I'd love to get my little hands on the Sigma 15mm F2.8 lens - it's had great reviews. 

Want to give a Fisheye a go but don't want the high price tag? Then you can get an adaptor to convert your existing lens into a fisheye lens.  This way you get the fun of a fish-eye without too high a price!  You need to check that your existing lens has the threads required to screw this onto, and that it is the same diameter and so on.  (If in doubt, ask before you buy). Of course it won't give you the same quality optics as a dedicated lens :(

100mm Macro Lens

I love my macro lens! It's ideal when you get totally fed up taking the same shots day in day out, and can really help you get creative. It's the most expensive lens on this page, but personally I think it's worth it as it double as an awesome portrait lens too.  Tell that to your bank manager. 

If he doesn't agree, then you can also get macro extension tubes that thread onto your existing lens to turn it into a macro lens - as with the Fisheye, the quality is not going to be so good, but it's a really affordable way to try out macro, especially if it is just for fun and boosting your creativity.   

Phone Iris Lens Series

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but fancy breaking out of a rut with some creative lenses, how about getting some for your phone instead?  This one from Photojojo (Toyrus for photographers in case you hadn't heard of it) looks fab - get a wide angle, macro and fisheye lens in one pack. Me want! 


What do you think? Would you buy a creative lens?