Photo Display: Glass Bottles

I don't take credit for this idea - there are loads of variations on this theme around Pinterest, each with a slightly different take on it, and this is mine..  It's so simple to do - you just take any glass bottles, or jars, and pop in your images for an instant photo frame that's a little bit different. 

Some of the more beautiful versions of bottle photos displays have used vintage bottles, but I just used jars and bottles that would otherwise have gone to recycling - I figured I would see if I liked it as a display, and if so, maybe add in a few vintage bottles at a later date.  That said, this way I'm doing my bit for saving the environment :)

I liked the simplicity of black and white, so I converted all the images to this using the same action, then just printed them onto copy paper (not photo paper - I did this at first and they are much harder to roll up into the smaller necked bottles), then just popped them into the glass bottles and jars. 

A simple 5 minute photo display - the longest part was washing all the labels off!