Composition Tip: Shoot at Eye Level

When we are first starting out, we tend to take images from the same position all the time - from standing. (When shooting children, this means we are generally shooting down on them) Whilst this is fine for some images, most of the time we will want to get down and shoot on the same level as our subject. Doing so allows you to create more of a connection between the viewer and your subject, and can add a bit more impact to an image. 

It's such an easy thing to do: simply get into a position where your camera lens is directly parallel to the subject.   This can be sitting down, crouching or even lying on your tummy - whatever you need to do to get that lens parallel! Here are some examples (and yes, in that first one I am lying on my tummy on a wet beach!) 

Of course there are many more ways to compose our scene, and you should definitely mix up your angles and the perspectives you shoot from, but getting down to the same level remains a great way to compose your frame