8 Creative Ways To Display Photos

I am a huge believer in printing out your photos and enjoying them in the here and now, but I appreciate it can get a little bit boring to keep putting them into frames all the time!   So, here are 8 creative ways to display photos in your home. 

1) Large Photo Collage from 4x6 Prints

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 08.38.36.png

I love the fact that this is so simple to do and totally cost effective - simply take any number of 4x6 prints (so you can make it as large or as small as you like) and tape them together into a collage. This one currently graces the wall above my computer screen, and I love seeing all my favourite images when I'm working away on the blog! You can see a step by step tutorial on how to make this here. 

2) Mini Polaroid Magnets

These mini Polaroid magnets are just too cute not to make! They currently hold up all my to-do lists so I have something fun to look at at the same time :)  You can find a full step by step guide to making these over at PopSugar.  If you prefer something made for you, then you can get magnets made for you at Mpix or Shutterfly. 

3) Glass Jar Photo Display 

This is so simple, yet totally affective - simply place your images inside either glass bottles or jars. I have mine along the window ledge, and I love them! You can see more pictures of my display here but it was inspired by these from Apartment Therapy.  You can use either jars, bottles, vases or cloches! 

4) Create a Keepsake Frame

I had some baby photos that I wanted to display, plus some little keepsakes that I thought would be nice to have on show rather than be tucked away in a box somewhere, so i created a baby keepsake display using this shadowbox frame.  You could take the same idea and apply it to anything - for example, for displaying your holiday keepsakes, or perhaps displaying vintage items with old family photos.

5) Make your own Photo Candle

Another great way to display photos with just a little bit of DIY work!  You can find all the step by step instructions on how to make your own photo candle over on A Beautiful Mess - one for my to-do list. 

6) Engineer Print

If you like your images big and bold, how about an engineers print from Photojojo?  They are 4'wide x 3' tall and printed on engineering paper so they are thin and lightweight (and also low cost!)  I love the way they have simply hung theirs with two bulldog clips. 

7) Photoshop Collage

OK, so this is still framed, but it does make a change from just having a single print in there! There are loads of free collage templates around the web (I've got a list of about 100 Free Photoshop Collage Templates here) or it's pretty easy to make your own. I love creating collages where I can showcase a group of everyday images, that might not work as single framed pictures, but that look great together.  Although the one above has artwork in them, you can get the template and use it for images instead - it's available as a free download here on the blog.  

8) Chicken Wire Frame

Another simple one - grab an old frame (flea markets are great for getting ornate frames), take out the picture and the backing board, paint the frame if needed, and then staple on some chicken wire.  Then just clip in your prints with mini clothespins!  If you prefer to get one ready made, this is a great rustic one from Amazon. 

I hope that has inspired you to print out your photos and get them on display somewhere!