Photography Composition Tip - Get Creative With Your Angles!

Are you getting tired of taking the same old photos and fancy mixing it up a bit? One way you can do that is simply be changing the angle you shoot from!  Instead of only shooting the front of your subject, why not try shooting from above or below? Or get behind your subject, or get down low and be on the same level? You never know what will look the best until you take the shot, so move around you subject and shoot from as many angles as you can think of. Here's some more information and tips for taking images from all the different angles, and of course some example images to get you going!

Here we go! 

Photography Composition Tip for Beginners - Learn how to get more creative images simply by shooting from different angles! Try from above, below, behind and on level with your subject. Click through to read the tips for each one, plus see loads of examples to inspire you!

From Above 

This has to be one of my favourite angles to shoot from, since it's a view that most people don't really pay attention to!  For lifestyle / documentary images a bird's eye view can give you so much more detail that a full on shot, and it can allow you to see elements that you just wouldn't see from shooting from the same level as your subject.  It's also uber-flattering for portraits - you can shoot from slightly above and have them look up at you, or just shoot down on them and capture their eyelashes.  It's also a great way to shoot non-sitting babies! (Just make sure you wear the camera strap around your neck!)

Here's some examples of shots taken from above.

From Below 

In a traditional full face portrait shot shooting from below might not be the best idea (you will see right up someone's nose with that, and if you are photographing children, I am willing to bet that will be extra yukky) but with lifestyle / documentary then it can be a great angle! Shooting from below is great to make what you are shooting look bigger - so photographng someone jumping from below will make them seem like they are jumping higher and so on.  It can also be a great way to cut off some unwanted elements - in this image below it kinda looks like he is on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but in reality, the boat is in a busy play park and the boat is held in place by cement :) 

From Behind 

Another creative way to capture your subject is from behind them.  Include some or all of them in the frame so you can see what they are looking toward.  This is a great one to add in for storytelling sequences as you can see extra elements this way, but it can also create a powerful image al on it's ownsome. 


From Eye Level 

My favourite - getting down onto the same level as your subject - whatever that subject may be! If your child is lying on the floor, then get right down onto the floor with them.  Similarly, if you want to shoot feet (for some unknown reason, another favourite of mine!) again get  your belly down onto the ground!  Basically, you want the camera parallel to your point of interest. 

I hope this has inspired you to move around your subject when shooting, and take advantage of all the creative opportunities that exist! 


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