Introducing My New E-Course - Auto to Awesome!

Hey friends! If you follow Live Snap Love elsewhere, then maybe you have already heard me talking about my new ecourse -Auto to Awesome but I wanted to take a minute to formally introduce it to you all here too!  And I'm seriously so excited about it! 

The Auto to Awesome e-course is a step by step program that will take you away from the safety of AUTO and "middle of the road" photos, and give you the tools and techniques you need to turn your images into wall worthy, professional images, in the least amount of time possible.   No more searching the internet for tips for you my friend!   Think of it like getting an injection from my brain into yours,  so you'll learn the tools and techniques it took me three years to master in just a few weeks. 

The other thing about this course is that is entirely self-paced. I have signed for classes before and then - inevitably - someone in our household would get sick, or some other crisis would happen halfway through and I couldn't give it my all.  This is why you have LIFETIME access to the course, and you can work through any of the modules at your own time and as your schedule allows. 


You will leave this step by step program with:

  • The knowledge of exactly what settings to use when, so you don't have to keep fumbling with dials or buttons
  • The skills to know where to place your subject for "good" light regardless of where you are or what the weather is like that day 
  • An understanding of how to work quickly in different situations, and what tools to use when 
  • The main compositional elements that will have a big impact of your images 
  • Confidence in your skills and your abilities, so you can move onto something new, or even start your own photography business

What's in the course?

  • 6 Comprehensive Video Training Modules, each packed with easy to follow videos, written lessons and exercises, each following on from the other so the learning is layered on, in an actionable path
  • Course notes for each module, so you have the key points from the videos for easy reference, or if you prefer to read a particular lesson rather than watch the video. 
  • Shooting "Cheat Sheets" and worksheets for easy reference when shooting so you have it right there in front of you. 
  • Tech training on how to set up your camera 
  • PLUS 5 Videos to show you how to carry out some basic edits using Lightroom or ACR, along with a editing workbook so you can follow the steps on your own images. 
  • PLUS more limited time bonuses not included with the course if you register this week! (Which I personally would have LOVED when I was starting out!) 



This training could seriously make all the difference for you, so I'm so excited to maybe see some of you there!