"Beginners Bootcamp" - the new free email course, is here!

When you first start out in photography, it is really easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about what you need to learn (and when!). There is a whole host of information available to you online, which can be great, but in the beginning it just seems to make it difficult to find the information you need, or to understand which tips and tricks are going to make a difference to you right NOW - at the beginning of your photography journey.

Photography Tips for Beginners | Free Photography Course

To help with this, I've created a email course called the 7 Day Beginners Bootcamp, which I hope will help cut through the "noise" of learning photography, and will give you straight up, actionable tutorials and tips that will make a huge difference to your images in just one week - yay! 

Oh, and did I mention it's totally free?!

It's an email course, so every day for one week you'll get a full lesson delivered directly to your inbox. Every single lesson is actionable, and will teach you something new - just straight advice or tutorials that will help you take better images in just seven days! Woo hoo! 

Here's what you'll learn on this free training:

  • How to find "good" light and which light to avoid
  • How to make sure that your photographs have a clear focus and message
  • How to intentionally blur the background to bring your eye to your subject
  • How to use composition to add interest to your images
  • How to ensure you get tack sharp images by choosing your own focal point

The tips and tricks in this free course will have a massive impact on your images, and get you started on the right path.  What's more, because you can start to see an improvement in your skills quickly, it gives you the confidence to try new things, and hopefully continue on in your photography journey with a spring in your step!  

Ready to get started? Just click on the button below to enroll, and you'll get your first email in a matter of minutes!