8 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Next Camera

One of the questions I hear a LOT is this:

“Which camera should I buy next? Should I buy this one, or that one, and how do they compare? Is this REALLY going to be an upgrade from my current camera?”

That question is the inspiration behind this week’s post, because I want to really break this down so you can feel confident when spending your hard earned cash. Let’s face it, camera gear is NOT exactly cheap, so making mistakes can be costly.

In the video, I break down 8 things that you should look for when choosing your next camera, from sensor size to how much megapixels you really need to things to look for with the focus system.

I’ve even created a camera comparison worksheet that you will super helpful when choosing your camera. Firstly it will help you firstly remember everything that you are going to see in the video, but most importantly, it will help you more accurately compare the different cameras on the market, and see more clearly which one is best for YOU. Just enter your details below to grab it!


    Which camera should I buy? Great question! Check out the 8 things to look for when choosing which camera to buy that’s right for you.