A Behind the Scenes Look at Auto to Awesome

Do you wish you could stop fumbling with the settings on your DSLR, and instead know EXACTLY which settings to use for wall worthy photos?

How would you like to be able to take images that are beautifully lit and perfectly in focus, and look professional and polished?

And do you wish you could develop the skills you need to beautifully preserve your family memories NOW, so that you can finally be finished the learning part and just get on with the fun part of photography - taking photos?

If the answer to those a big resounding YES, then I have the very thing for you!

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Say hello to Auto to Awesome….

Auto to Awesome is my step by step, foolproof program that gives you the framework how to take professional level frame worthy images of your children and family life, in just a few short weeks.

In Auto to Awesome, you’ll get ALL the pieces of the puzzle, and shown how they all fit together, so you’ll never feel lost, overwhelmed, or wondering what the heck you’re missing. It’s a total one stop shop for learning photography!

Auto to Awesome is broken down into six main modules, each filled with step by step video lessons, written exercises, over the shoulder camera set up tutorials, workbooks, course notes and printable cheat sheets.


You’ll learn the fundamentals of exposure, how to shoot in manual mode, correct metering techniques for different situations, “cheats” for changing your settings faster, how to shoot in ALL types of natural light (low light, sunny days, cloudy days, window light etc), and a treasure trove of compositional tricks that will take your images to next level, fancy pants status. Plus, you’ll learn the four step framework for count-the-eyelashes tack sharp images….and so so so much more.

Learn in your sweatpants…

When you enroll in Auto to Awesome you get access to our online student portal, where you’ll find all the modules and lessons of Auto to Awesome sitting waiting for you.

You don’t have to faff about downloading videos (unless, of course, you want to) as you can log in from anywhere that has an internet connection, and with any device! That means you can watch from home on your desktop computer in your PJ’s, or on your iPad whilst folding laundry or making dinner. You could even watch at a friends house or at the local coffee shop!

Plus, ‘cause I know how busy you are, the lesson are bite-sized for easy learning (no snore fest 45 minute trainings here) so you can easily fit in a lesson each day.

Have a look at this super short video below to see behind the scenes of the course website:

Want to hear what others have said about Auto to Awesome?

“Before I signed up, I wasn’t sure if the cost was worth it. I’m here to tell you, it was worth every penny! I am not only confident in how to shoot in manual mode, but also in how to make my photos look the way I envision. Photography is a constant learning process, and I’m thrilled with where I am on my journey because of Auto to AwesomeKATIE LYNN (see the full case study here)

Image by Auto to Awesome Student Katie Lynn

Image by Auto to Awesome Student Katie Lynn

 “Auto to Awesome is the best online photography program I’ve taken, by an enormous margin….Audrey simplifies things and somehow answers all those little questions you didn’t even know you had! If you are on the fence, I hope I can nudge you over into doing it - it will make a huge lovely difference in your photography!” ANNA

“I just can’t even believe how my photography has changed in the last couple of weeks since starting A2A, and I’m only halfway through at this point.I love how it’s helping me grasp more of the technical side, and I’m shooting in full manual mode, which I never thought I’d be able to do” SHANNON

“I wish I could go find all the people wondering around lost on the internet and in bookstores desperately trying to teach themselves photography and tell them to take Auto to Awesome….please stop driving yourself nuts trying to figure it all out using a million different sources that don’t measure up. Live Snap Love’s materials are all you need. I promise!” HEATHER-NICOLE

Image by Auto to Awesome and Launch Into Lightroom student Whitney Charles.

Image by Auto to Awesome and Launch Into Lightroom student Whitney Charles.

“I bought a camera for a trip back in 2013, and I quickly browsed the manual, but never retained any knowledge. Fast-forward to spring of 2017, when I dusted off my camera (and manual) and gave it another go. I wasn’t happy with the results so I turned to the next worst thing to the owners manual….Google.Once I realized I was in WAY over my head, I started looking for some online classes.After several more fails, I ended up finding the Auto-to-Awesome course and subsequently the Launch into Lightroom course in August of 2017. This isn’t meant to be a plug for Audrey’s courses, but if you ask me when the turning point was, it was after finishing her courses!” WHITNEY (see the full case study here)

Interested in this course? Enrollment is currently open so grab your seat while you can! Find out more about Auto to Awesome by clicking on the button below.