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Today I wanted to let you know about something that I am rolling out just for our email subscribers that I really think you will LOVE! 

You can now get access to our Resource Library - a password protected area of the website that is filled to the brim with loads of useful downloads for all stages of your photography journey. 

Things like....

  • Settings to Change On Your Camera (Checklist)

  • Using Back Light Cheat Sheet

  • 100 Child and Lifestyle Photography Prompts (ebook)

  • Motion Blur Challenge

  • Photography Project Ideas List

  • Free Lightroom Presets

  • Mental Photography Checklist a whole other bunch of stuff that I'm pretty darn sure you'll big puffy ♥️.  

which lens quick guide.png
project ideas.jpg

I'll also be switching up the content in the library from time to time to keep it interesting and fresh, and so you're regularly getting more content to help you grow your photography skills and take better photos of your family.

Plus, as a subscriber, you'll get access to subscriber only training, upcoming freebies and giveaways, weekly emails with updates and tips, and first access to brand new products and exclusive offers. (I treat my subscribers like gold!)  

Sound good? 

Then get access, either head on over here to the sign up page, or click the button below, and the link and password will be emailed to you straight away, so in minutes you could be browsing through the lot! 

Happy downloading! 

P.S I'd be super grateful if you could pin and share, thank you! 

Get access to free photography cheat sheets and photography printables in our photography resource library!